Sneak Peak: Inside Micaela’s Makeup Case!

Pretty soon I’ll be doing makeup videos, so I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak inside my box of makeup treasures and goodies!


My box of treasures!


Beauty Report: Beauty about to BLOW UP!

Micaela And Dannika Getting Pampered

Me and Dannika were lucky enough to go to a Style Chicago event this fall, where we got a chance to preview hot upcoming products and surely enough, some have already began to blow up! So here is my atomic bomb beauty product of 2009:

Moroccan Oil:  This special oil has already exploded, hooking celebrities like Fergie with its light weight, super moisturizing, and shine injecting formula!  Made with Argon oil, this product is sure to become a staple in your beauty bag.  Recently, it was sold only  in select salons, but I have found it as cheap as $13.95 at Style

I recommend starting with the oil, and maybe the conditioning hair mask, but  you guys can skip the shampoo and regular conditioner as it is quite pricey ($19.95) for normal (every week or so) use.  Also, Style gives you 10% off if you purchase two products, so I advise you to buy two of the .85 oz bottles, which will last from three to six months depending on the length and thickness of your hair.    I’ll also do a video so you guys can really see its effects, because I have been using it and I absolutely love it!

Moroccan Oil Set

Fashion + Games = Fierce Fun

Today I have  to give an insight to my fashionable gaming world!  On my top Fashion Game list is a website called Miss Bimbo. Miss Bimbo is a wonderful gaming site that lets you express your inner fashion virtually.

Become the hottest, coolest most intelligent and talented bimbo the world has ever known!

Miss Bimbo is a game where you look after a Bimbo character as she goes through life.

  • To progress in the game you have to get her a hot boyfriend, a cool place to live, and find her a great job.
  • You can also style your Bimbo and show her off to other players.
  • You can compete with other Bimbos to see who’s the best dressed and most popular.
  • MissBimbo is free to play, so try it now!

The game is really fun and a great way to make a whole new virtual you. Here is some screen shots of my Bimbo, Isn’t she HOT!!!!

Isn't she cute!

Business Chic!

Hiphop Chic!

You can find a link to the website here

Hello world!

Welcome to Fashion Plus!

"The Creative One"

I’m Mickey and I am so excited to start this Blog.  I am an aspiring Plus Model that loves everything creative.  I love fashion, makeup, painting, drawing, music, writing, and singing.  Anything creative thats going on in the world, and in my life, I will definitely be talking about!