Resolutions Party 2010

Every year, particularly around the new year, people make resolutions to change their lives for the better for the upcoming year. Well, I figured I’d skip writing a list of my own and go to’s Resolutions party and let them inspire me for the year ahead.  There were a host of sponsers that offered MAC makeup to Lash extensions that made me feel as if I was at a spa convention! I was truly inspired to be even more fashionable, healthy (when I say healthy, I mean in terms of my body and what it needs to be healthy, not to be skinny, there’s a difference) and fabulous than I already self-proclaim myself to be!  And then, like icing on a fruit cake we received goodie bags, which were literally filled to the brim with products that I’m sure I will be blogging about in the near future! You can see me stalking the tables in the pictures below like Waldo in “Where’s Waldo” lol.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did!

Also go to if you are in the Chicago land area and sign up to receive notifications of their future events, because this was my second and it was fabulous, so hopefully I’ll see you guys at the next one!


Beauty Spotlight: Urban Decay, and Kandee

So, I love Urban Decay beauty products.  The colors are rich and fun and exciting and they always release the coolest color palettes and well as an artist and a makeup artist, I get so over-excited about palettes.  So when I saw the Alice in Wonderland palette pop up on , I wanted it so bad! But lo, it sold out in two days!  Well, if I can’t have it, at least I get to look at it…sigh.

Disney Alice In Wonderland Palette

Check out my favorite, fun and bubbly makeup artist to watch on Youtube, Kandee Johnson.  She is so talented, and she proves why I love makeup so much, because it is just another medium used to created art:  Check her out on these videos talking about the palette and her extremely fun looks inspired by them.  Also check out her blog at

That’s So Raven…Symoné

So Jasmine pulled me into her room yesterday to watch the Wendy Williams show and none other than Raven Symoné appeared looking chic as ever!  I mean head to toe I was like I need to get that dress, leggings, booties ASAP!  And the hair cut, loving it, even though she says she has always had it short, I thought it was chic and I hope to see more of it in the future.  Check her out:

She also talks about Pepsi we inspire, a great website where people can share their thoughts on what inspires them, including Queen Latifah (Plus fashion Goddess), Taraji P. Henson, Thandi Newton, Keyshia Cole, Dr. Robin L. Smith and of course, Raven Symoné.

She also talked about walking in “The Heart Truth’s” Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, which was held in Bryant park during NY Fashion Week. This collection of red dresses were designed to celebrate the Red Dress as the national symbol heart disease awareness.  More than 20 celebrities walked the runway in dresses created by America’s top designers to inspire women to take action to protect their heart health.  Check them out: show host Wendy Williams attends 'The Heart Truth's' Red ...View ImageView ImageRED DRESS FW09 NEW YORK 02-13-09RED DRESS FW09 NEW YORK 02-13-09

A Second Look: Payless

So, I remember when my mom would take me to Payless and get me those white and black shoes that looked like skunk shoes to wear to school. I would immediately run to other shoes, ones with the frilliest lace or some that were maybe to high for me, or even for an eight year old anyway and beg her, on my fat, cute, little knees to purchase them.  Unfortunately, her eyebrow raised as well as her hand and with the simplest sternness she said, “NO.” So I put the other, much nicer shoes back, at the demand of her scolding pointed finger and kept that image of Payless with me for the rest of my life. So, now 24 years old and being a fashion blogger, I ran across Payless, while searching for clothes by Christian Siriano (I love project Runway, by the way) and I saw his designs for Spring 2010 as well as, Lela Rose and Alice + Olivia for Payless, and man oh man, my days of thinking of Payless as the skunk shoe store has officially been debunked! Check it out: christian siriano for paylessalice + olivia for paylesslela rose for paylessWomens Christian Siriano for PaylessChristian Siriano for Payless Downtown Zip SandalWomens Christian Siriano for PaylessChristian Siriano for Payless Walk It Out Laceless Zip OxfordWomens alice + olivia for Paylessalice + olivia for Payless Sasha Cut-Out Platform SandalWomens alice + olivia for Paylessalice + olivia for Payless Downtown Girl Open-Toe BootWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Kinney Satin Platform Dress SandalWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Rushkin Large SatchelWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Ashland Mary Jane WedgeWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Rushkin Large SatchelWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Kinney Satin Platform Dress SandalWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Dimmick Large SatchelWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Hampton Woven Bow PumpWomens Lela Rose for PaylessLela Rose for Payless Paloma ClutchWomens Christian Siriano for PaylessChristian Siriano for Payless Coast Printed Satin PumpWomens Christian Siriano for PaylessChristian Siriano for Payless Cove Large Shopper

And surprisingly, everything is under $50 bucks (well it is payless).  So what do you guys think?  I’m definitely gonna check these cuties out!

Fashion Must Haves!

Okay, so spring fashion is slowly but surely coming among us, but I am still in love with trends from fall/winter!  Dark skinny jeans, embellished blazers, and rocker edged booties ruled my closet, but as we transition into spring fashion, I find my self torn between my edgy side of fashion, and my more fun, flirty, romantic side.  So if your anything like me, you fashion romantic type shirts with dark skinny jeans, or nautical prints with embellished blazers.  So, inspired by that mix, I present a little mixture that I call “The Transition into Spring”:

1. Faith 21- Weathered Faux Leather Jacket$37.802. Faith 21- Slub Striped Knit Cardigan $14.80.
3. Torrid-Grey Embellished Shoulder Top $38.00
4. Faith 21– Show Stopper Jacket $32.80
5. Tripp Black Skinny-Leg Twill Pant Regular $48.00
6. Torrid-Grey and Black Striped 2fer Tank Dress $54.00
7. Evans-Peach Embellished 2 in 1 Top £32  (UK Plus Fashion)
8. Torrid-Black Mon Cherie Skirt- $34.00
9. Torrid-Dollhouse – Black Fina Heel $59.00
10. Torrid-Dollhouse – Ivory Burke Dome Stud Booties $64.00
11. Torrid-Source of Wisdom – Virtual Stretch Gem Chevron Dark Skinny Jean Regular $52.00

Faith 21

As you all may know by now, Forever 21 has launched their new plus size line called faith 21 and I am simply enamored by the clothes because they really fit my style aesthetic which is chic, glamorous, romantic, classic and edgy.  Plus, the ultimate bonus is their prices; they are relatively cheap and chic, which is really hard for plus size clothing lines to pull off.  I also think the model in their campaign is simply adorable!  Check out the screen shots:

Love her hair by the way!  Looks a little similar to mine in my previous campaign, but with much more height! Fabulous!  I’ve already gotten a couple of items that have instantly chic-ed (is that a word?) my wardrobe already, I’ll post some pictures of the fabulous pieces soon!