Fashion Must Haves!

Okay, so spring fashion is slowly but surely coming among us, but I am still in love with trends from fall/winter!  Dark skinny jeans, embellished blazers, and rocker edged booties ruled my closet, but as we transition into spring fashion, I find my self torn between my edgy side of fashion, and my more fun, flirty, romantic side.  So if your anything like me, you fashion romantic type shirts with dark skinny jeans, or nautical prints with embellished blazers.  So, inspired by that mix, I present a little mixture that I call “The Transition into Spring”:

1. Faith 21- Weathered Faux Leather Jacket$37.802. Faith 21- Slub Striped Knit Cardigan $14.80.
3. Torrid-Grey Embellished Shoulder Top $38.00
4. Faith 21– Show Stopper Jacket $32.80
5. Tripp Black Skinny-Leg Twill Pant Regular $48.00
6. Torrid-Grey and Black Striped 2fer Tank Dress $54.00
7. Evans-Peach Embellished 2 in 1 Top £32  (UK Plus Fashion)
8. Torrid-Black Mon Cherie Skirt- $34.00
9. Torrid-Dollhouse – Black Fina Heel $59.00
10. Torrid-Dollhouse – Ivory Burke Dome Stud Booties $64.00
11. Torrid-Source of Wisdom – Virtual Stretch Gem Chevron Dark Skinny Jean Regular $52.00


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