Beauty Spotlight: Urban Decay, and Kandee

So, I love Urban Decay beauty products.  The colors are rich and fun and exciting and they always release the coolest color palettes and well as an artist and a makeup artist, I get so over-excited about palettes.  So when I saw the Alice in Wonderland palette pop up on , I wanted it so bad! But lo, it sold out in two days!  Well, if I can’t have it, at least I get to look at it…sigh.

Disney Alice In Wonderland Palette

Check out my favorite, fun and bubbly makeup artist to watch on Youtube, Kandee Johnson.  She is so talented, and she proves why I love makeup so much, because it is just another medium used to created art:  Check her out on these videos talking about the palette and her extremely fun looks inspired by them.  Also check out her blog at


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