First OOTD!

Hey guys, we’ve been a bit MIA for the past couple of weeks but we have lots to share with everyone, and foremost is the very first outfit of the day.  We went ahead and broke about the billion dollar camera and did a couple of fashion shots so you guys can get an idea of our sense of fashion (and to get some modeling experience as well).  So each week we will have a theme that inspires out clothing and then our interpretation of that style.  So, first up is trendy, and me:

When I think trendy one name really comes to mind, Kim Kardashian.  From her chic blazers to skinny jeans/leggings, high fashion tops and hot shoes, she oozes chic and glam all at the same time, so here is my interpretation of that for us fashionable big gals! Hope you like it:

Blazer and leggings from Evans

Shoes, bracelets and necklace from Torrid

Top from Yours Clothing


Spolight on new author: Kimmi Illuminati

Meet Kimberlyn Jackson, a new author and a budding fashionista who grabbed my attention right away with a plethora of tattoos and fashion.  A Chicago native that now resides in Atlanta, Kimmi Illuminati  is hitting the  world with her first novel, “Daddy’s Girl…Dangerously in Love”, which details the exciting but unpredictable events of the main character Khi.  At first glance one is captivated by her standout fashion, but after peeling back her layers one finds an intelligent, artistic woman whose tattoos have very special meanings.   The four stars that adorn her neck represent people in her life that she has lost, one being her mother that she lost at the tender age of 11.  Kimberlyn then turned to writing and getting tattoos as her outlet to cope with losing so many important people in her life.  With writing fueling her fire, she is currently developing her own publishing company and is presenting us with her first novel (published by I-Universe) on March 27, 2010, along with a book signing where she will read chapters of her next book “Such a Dirty Game.” With such fiery fashion, and writing under her belt, Kimmi is definitely a fashion plus diva!

If your in the Chicagoland area come out and support Kimberlyn on March 27, 2010 at L.J’s Linen room at 8112 S. Stoney Island for her book signing from 6:00p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Fashionplus3 will be representing!

Also checkout Kimmi Illuminati on her website at where you can read the first three chapter’s of her first novel, “Daddy’s Girl…Dangerously in Love” and on facebook.  Also checkout her fashion below.