Trending: Nude!

Spring is blossoming, with warm weather and cool breezes and fashion lightening up for a change.  Everywhere I look someone has found (including myself) a floral something to represent Spring in their wardrobe.  But as I was trying on my bit of floral, I couldn’t help but remember “The Devil Wear’s Prada” Miranda Priestly saying in a meeting. “Floral, for Spring…Groundbreaking.” With every bit of disdain and even some of Miranda’s sarcasm, I simply tossed back the floral option looking for something new and potentially groundbreaking and lo and behold Nude is that option for a clean, romantic look for Spring.

Nude! Now I know there’s a debate on what colors qualify as nude, but I believe very light pinks, tawny, tan and camel colors (Or within that range) qualify.  So without further ado, here’s my suggestions (and my next wish list, lol):

Give the picture a click if you want to see the items bigger and in more detail!

1. Torrid
2. Torrid
3. Torrid
4. Torrid
5. Asos
6. Yours
7. Plus Size Fix
8. Plus Size Fix
9. Faith 21 (Forever 21)
10. Faith 21 (Forever 21)
11. Asos
12. Asos
13. Asos
14. Asos
15. Asos
16. Asos
17. Asos


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