It’s Raining…Boots?

Aah, April showers bring May flowers, but we’ll have to wait for the flowers as Chicago has seen some heavy rain in the past week or so.  In fact, if the weather people get it right, it is set to rain again on Sunday and Monday, which brings me to three important essentials in which two you may own and one you might not.  Those are a nice trench coat (or a parka), an umbrella and rain boots.  However, the third essential most people (like me) don’t own.  I’ve been out time and time again, and maybe one in every 10 people have a pair of rain boots on, while the rest of us try to make it around in gym shoes, heels and (lord forbid) snow boots.  Well, I’m tired of ruining my favorite jeans, or my favorite shoes from water damage.  I’m tired of coming home with wet socks and toes. Thus, I have found some cheap, yet stylish enough rain boots to get us though this rainy season.  It’s raining boots!

Product Image Women's Capelli New York Shiny Solid Preppy Rainboot - BlackProduct Image Women's McGibbon Floral Rain Boots - BlackProduct Image Women's Merona® Zaney Polka Dot Rain Boots - PinkProduct Image Women's Fleur-De-Lis Rain Boots - BlackProduct Image Women's Mod Dot Rain Boots - ChocolateProduct Image Women's Ditsy Dots Rain Boots - PurpleProduct Image Women's Nova Plaid Rain Boots - BrownProduct Image Women's Dots Spots Rain Boots - Light Berry

All shoes from Target and only $24.99!


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