Changes and Project Runway Finale

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Hey everyone! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited the blog, or left a comment on our hard work thus far.  When we started the blog, we had no idea it would receive the attention that it has, we just loved fashion (plus writing, cooking, games, music, etc) and we’re overwhelmed by the support we have received. We thank you all.  We have a lot planned for the future of Fashionplus3 (this is why posting has been slim to none in the past two weeks), and when we’re done we will keep you posted with updates!  So, again, thank you and we can’t wait to share with you the future of Fashionplus3!

Now, on to Project Runway…

So, I have already confessed my love for Project Runway in my post about Christian Siriano for Pay less and the love is still growing as season 7 had me glued to my DVR!  Just last Thursday a winner was crowned, (yay, Seth Aaron) and I must weigh in on the final collections.  If you been keeping up with my tweets (If you haven’t they are over there →→→), you would get an idea of what I thought of the sneak preview of everyone’s collections.  With that being said, the actual show at Bryant Park changed my mind completely. What I thought about each designer changed with every piece that hit the Runway.  Check it out:

Emilio's Collection- First row across, Mila's- Collection Second row across, Seth Aaron's- Collection Third row across. Click on photo to enlarge picture. Picture from Blogging Project Runway.


I want to discuss Emilio first, because he should have won this season, but did not.  I expected Emilio to walk away with the title, as he pretty much set it up for himself, winning challenge after challenge during the show, but I always felt that his ego would get the best of him and it did. His collection actually steered away from what made him win challenges during the show (mostly elegant, tasteful and well made, despite the barely there bikini) and he made a collection that was dated (90’s inspired) and in the words of Tim Gunn “Frankly, old.” Emilio basically did what he did best, which was let his ego get in the way of himself.  His ego was so big by this time he felt he had no competition.  But I must say, he was right.  He didn’t have any competition with the competitors.  The real competition was with himself.  Could he allow himself to make a great collection? Unfortunately that answer is no.  Maybe if he would have put his ego aside, he might have created one of the best collections to ever hit Project Runway, instead of focusing on  clothes for a specific customer.   Note to Emilio:  Your final collection is about you, not your customers (but your so arrogant, you didn’t even think about yourself, how ironic is that).


Mila’s collection was the most surprising to me as I had already thought the judges made a mistake in choosing her over Jay, because the pieces she presented in their show-down were boring, matronly and extremely dated.  However, a tip from the judges about styling (which should have been considered cheating) and some unexpected strong pieces made Mila’s collection more enjoyable than I expected.  Some of her best pieces from her collection involved color…well, the small amount that she did use, as the collection was black and white and color blocked in strategic lines.  Note to Mila :  Have you ever heard of the color wheel?

Seth Aaron

As for Seth Aaron, I actually predicted that he would win, as his construction wowed me not only during every challenge, but also in his final collection.  He’s also not afraid to be cool, and is literally the fastest designer there.  Congrats Seth! Note to Seth:  Though you have extremely creative ideas, too much hounds-tooth and tweed will eventually irritate all of your customer’s skin.

Side Note and Rant to Seth: Dedicating your line to 1940’s German military (a.k.a Nazi) is not cool.

Check out this funny article from New York Magazine on the finale.

Also visit to get the full scoop on Project Runway.

What do you guys think?  Who should have won?

All pictures from the fabulous “Blogging Project Runway.”


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