Accesories: Oh, So Much Jewelry!

When I was years younger, I would always want to purchase a bracelet, but I could never squeeze it on. My hands were, to me, “gigantic”!  So after growing up and growing out, I find that I still have that problem.  This led me to do a little internet research and I came upon a wonderful site called Queen B Jewelry.  They have a wonderful variety of beautiful handcrafted jewelry for plus size women, which I found completely cures my bracelet problem as well as my love for accessories!  Also, they have great steals like the beautiful Onyx bracelet below and reasonable prices!  So, if you gals are in the market for beautiful statement jewelry check out Queen B Jewelry.

Layered CZ Heart Pendant– $99

Black and White CZ Hoop Earrings– $99

Multi-Gemstone Bracelet– $175

Sterling Silver Cuff Bangle– $129.99

Trendy Marcasite Forward Facing Hoop Earrings– $49

Vintage Inspired Square and Teardrop Shape Black Onyx Pendant– $89

8.5 inch Onyx Beaded Bracelet – $24.99 (A Steal!)


Movies: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Tribute

Hey guys! While everyone is drooling over the release of SATC2 (Sex and the City 2) we’re over here drooling about the release of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse (though admittedly, we are drooling over SATC2 as well).  Yes, we are die hard fans of the books and movies and sometimes imagine ourselves as Vampires (or having Edward and Jacob fawning over us).  In fact, we wanted to be Vampires so bad that we even went to a Borders Bookstore midnight release party dressed up as Vamps for the first movie release (even with fangs, which was totally not twilight)!

Check it out:

Even though we had major fun that night (we even won prizes in a trivia contest), we admit that the fangs weren’t Twilight friendly, lol.  So we decided to break out the billion dollar camera (as my friends call it) and do it right.  Here is a plus size tribute to Eclipse! Hope you like it!

So what do you guys think, should plus size Vampires be in the mix? And who’s your favorite the Vampires or the Wolves? In other words, Edward or Jacob?

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OOTD: Urban Chic

Hey guys! Today’s OOTD is a little urban inspired!  I’m loving the boyfriend jean because it is comfortable and the “worn” look enforces that urban feel (Like I hopped a gate and still look fashionable, lol).  I completed the look  with my cute military cropped jacket from Faith 21, which seems to be gone from their website, but you can probably find in-store.  Also, a nice chunky gold chain, and my name chain, and those super-fly croc heels that made my toes feel like pins and needles for three days.  But don’t worry, my doctor said that he can sew my toes back on! Lol, just kidding.

What do guys think?  Do I have that Urban feel?

Jacket- Faith 21

Top- Family Dollar

Jeans and Croc heels- Torrid

Gold Chain- Ashley Stewart

Name Chain-


Welcome to our new home,!  We are so excited for our future here as we have so much coming soon.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, go ahead and take look around the blog, there are some things you may remember and some new additions as well.  Hope you love it!

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We’re Moving!

Hey Everyone!  As some people have already guessed Fashionplus3 has a new home.  After a month of clearing out dust bunnies, and moving around(web) furniture Fashion Plus 3 has moved to

Please join us in our grand unveiling of our new blog!

Hope to see you all there!

-Fashion Plus 3

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Delectables: Cheesecake!

Every year around thanksgiving I make cheesecake and I must say it has been an adventure!  Baking is so precise that you have to watch your measurements!  So, I decided to work on it early so I’ll have that perfect cheesecake recipe and after altering a recipe I got form the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (10th Edition), I now a  have my favorite recipe.   So, I present to you, my perfected cheesecake, complete with recipe and baking instructions! Enjoy!

For the crust you can buy those pre-made crusts from any grocer, or if you like homemade (like me), combine 1 3/4 crushed graham crackers, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 1/2 cup of margarine or butter, melted!

If you try the recipe let me now what you think!