Movies: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Tribute

Hey guys! While everyone is drooling over the release of SATC2 (Sex and the City 2) we’re over here drooling about the release of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse (though admittedly, we are drooling over SATC2 as well).  Yes, we are die hard fans of the books and movies and sometimes imagine ourselves as Vampires (or having Edward and Jacob fawning over us).  In fact, we wanted to be Vampires so bad that we even went to a Borders Bookstore midnight release party dressed up as Vamps for the first movie release (even with fangs, which was totally not twilight)!

Check it out:

Even though we had major fun that night (we even won prizes in a trivia contest), we admit that the fangs weren’t Twilight friendly, lol.  So we decided to break out the billion dollar camera (as my friends call it) and do it right.  Here is a plus size tribute to Eclipse! Hope you like it!

So what do you guys think, should plus size Vampires be in the mix? And who’s your favorite the Vampires or the Wolves? In other words, Edward or Jacob?

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2 thoughts on “Movies: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Tribute

  1. Yesterday, I watched Twilight New Moon for the very first time, I couldnt wait to see it because of all the hyped, I have not seen the first movie Twilight but I thought maybe it wouldnt be a big deal because so many movies with a part two can easily lead you into understanding the first one. Well, in the case of Twilight New Moon, you need to see the first movie to get it. Twilight New Moon was one of the worst movies Ive seen for 2010, it was a long drawn out movie about a girl who is lovesick of a pale face skinny vampire and best friends with a bad acting werewolf with a rock hard body who kills vampires for a living. She desparetely wants to be a vampire so she can be with the love of her life but the vampire tell her “he is not that much into her”. So the entire movie, is about her crying,having nightmares, jumping off a cliff and riding a motorcycle in hopes of her seeing her true love. The best part of the movie was looking at the werewolf’s great human physique and the animated wolf scenes which seem too fake to be real. I must admit hollywood has done a poor job in bringing love, vampires, and werewolves together, its a bad version of the supernatural recreation of Romeo and Juliet. The movie is not worth buying ticket at the theater, it should of been a movie night special on a local channel. I would recommend True Blood on HBO as one of the best vampire, werewolf, and other super natural creatures love story i have ever seen.

  2. PS. I forgot to add, Mickey, Jasmine, and Dannika would make fabulous hot and daring vampires, who may seem to nice to kill people. I think I would rather be a werewolf because of the strentgh, speed, and no need to live on human blood, i wouldnt want to catch a disease, lol.

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