Accesories: Oh, So Much Jewelry!

When I was years younger, I would always want to purchase a bracelet, but I could never squeeze it on. My hands were, to me, “gigantic”!  So after growing up and growing out, I find that I still have that problem.  This led me to do a little internet research and I came upon a wonderful site called Queen B Jewelry.  They have a wonderful variety of beautiful handcrafted jewelry for plus size women, which I found completely cures my bracelet problem as well as my love for accessories!  Also, they have great steals like the beautiful Onyx bracelet below and reasonable prices!  So, if you gals are in the market for beautiful statement jewelry check out Queen B Jewelry.

Layered CZ Heart Pendant– $99

Black and White CZ Hoop Earrings– $99

Multi-Gemstone Bracelet– $175

Sterling Silver Cuff Bangle– $129.99

Trendy Marcasite Forward Facing Hoop Earrings– $49

Vintage Inspired Square and Teardrop Shape Black Onyx Pendant– $89

8.5 inch Onyx Beaded Bracelet – $24.99 (A Steal!)


One thought on “Accesories: Oh, So Much Jewelry!

  1. I have a problem finding bangles that fit, which sucks because I love me some “jangles” lol Damn my fat hand (and small wrist go figure). I’m in love with that cuff!

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