I Need a Birthday Suit!

So, I’m turning the big 2-5 on July 3rd! You’ve probably seen my big birthday countdown on the sidebar and watching those days trickle away has made me realize that I need a outfit for my birthday. This is sort of a big deal to me because since I was about 18, I’ve always worn a nice dress for my birthday and this year I don’t want to dissappoint! I want to wear something chic and cool, specifically because it’s going to be hot and smack dead in the middle of summer.

So, guys I need help, which dress should I choose?  Or do you have a recommendation for another dress?  Let me know and leave a comment! Thanx!

ASOS CURVE Digital Gemstone Slinky Dress

Asos Curve Digital Gemstone Slinky Dress- $93.00

ASOS CURVE Wired Ruffle One Shoulder Tunic Dress

ASOS CURVE Wired Ruffle One Shoulder Tunic- $67.64

Faith 21 Bubbled Sleeve Knit Dress– $22.80

PlusSizeFix.com- Plus Size Sexy One Shoulder Teal Dress- $38.99

Rise grey bandage dress

Dorothy Perkins Rise Grey Bandage Dress- £ 50.00


8 thoughts on “I Need a Birthday Suit!

  1. I like the teal one personally but a sos wired ruffle one is kinda unique itself it would be my 2nd pick but I think they were saying hot colors in the season.

  2. I like the teal one too but I wish I could see the grey bandage dress on a person because I think I might like that one too

    • Thanks for commenting Tash! That Grey bandage dress is so gorgeous, but that’s one thing I hate about DP and Evans, most of their clothes are on mannequins and not on real bodies.

  3. I saw that digital gemstone dress the other day, and wished it was something I could pull off. And then I pictured you in it just now, and that dress made a little more sense.

    I choose number 1!

    • Hey Suga!
      I’m really leaning toward that dress, it seems like it will fall nice and be comfortable. They have a little runway action of it on Asos, but I wish I could have a fitting session before I buy. Also, I really miss your blog 😦

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