Be Fierce in your Swimsuit with Boutique Larrieux!

Hey guys!  I wanted to let you all know that I am a guest blogger at Boutique Larrieux’s BLB Corner!  I’m so excited because I love Boutique Larrieux’s clothes! They offer an amazing Plus Size range with hot designers such as:

And I am in the company of some very amazing bloggers:

– Sarah of Return to Sender: A Fat Girl’s Letters to the World
– Amanda of Necessary Imperfections
– Alissa of Stylish Curves

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How to Choose a Fierce Swimsuit for Summer!

By  Micaela Shambee

Summer is almost here and it’s that time to purchase a new bathing suit.  Now, I know getting a bathing suit can be a daunting task, (I mean, it’s the most you’ll be naked in public all year!) but choosing a fierce swimsuit that you can be comfortable and confidant in is easier than you think!  Remember when swimsuits were matronly with a poor fit and were usually just black (or had a weird print on it that resembled a  grandma’s couch)?   Or how about just tossing an oversized t-shirt over some swimsuit you knew was an ill-fitting mess? Oh, how times have changed!  Now, we have a host of options to choose from, like halter styles, tankini’s, and one pieces that are ripe for the picking from fashion forward plus designers.  So how do we choose the fiercest swimsuit for our bodies out of a sea of fresh fashionable merchandise? It’s simple, just check out these tips that will help you choose a style that will make you hotter than Summer itself!

1.  First, confidence is key!  You have to know that your body is unique and that is why it is beautiful!  Have confidence in the body you have right now.  Being self-conscious will only keep you inside all summer and prevent you from enjoying life. (Also not to mention, you’ll be sweating bullets all summer!)

You want to be smiling all summer, like me!

2. Second, know your body measurements! Fit is important for two reasons.  First, all bodies are not created equal.   I may be shaped like an apple, and you may be shaped like a pear, but swim suits don’t know that (they can’t think for you)!  You have to find out your measurements to get a suit tailored for your body type.  Second, if your shopping online, some stores do not accept returns on undergarments/swimsuits,  meaning that if buy an ill-fitting suit, you’re stuck with it! Grab some measuring tape and measure around your bust, waist and hips for best results!

3. Third, stop worrying about looking slimmer! News flash! Your plus size!  That doesn’t mean you bee-line for the first black swimsuit you see.  Explore color and patterns and you’ll be surprised what it does for your fabulous figure and your confidence!  Bright colors can instantly lift your mood and make you look like a million bucks.  Case in point.  Last year I bought  a black swim suit, a brown swim suit and a turquoise swimsuit and wore all three.  The difference: I got a million compliments in the turquoise swimsuit.

* I suggest you workout for maximum slimming effects, otherwise, love the skin you’re in!

"St. Tropez" Fringe Plus Size Swimsuit - Fuchsia Pink

Monif C.
– The St. Tropez swimsuit:

4.  Lastly, play with exciting details!  The true key to being fierce is choosing a swimsuit with great details like fringe, ruffles, belts and skirts.  They all add that extra flare and sexiness that scream, “look at me, look at me!  I know I’m hot and you know it too!”

"España" One Shoulder Ruffle Plus Size Swimsuit  w/Detachable Strap - Black

Monif C.
– The Espana swimsuit:

Both fabulous swimsuits by Monif C. are carried right here at Boutique Larrieux.
So get one and get out there and enjoy Summer!


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