Fashion Games Spotlight: Sorority Life

Game on ladies! It’s Dannika here and if you didn’t know, I hold down all the info on our favorite games here onFashionPlus3.  Now since we play numerous games that features customizing avatars, fashion, and makeup, I wanted to bring to you our next Fashion game spotlight: Sorority Life. This game was created by Playdom and they host several games on Face book like Mobsters and Tiki Farm. But, Sorority Life caught our eyes  because of the fashion.  The game has beautifully detailed pieces for you to dress your virtual doll and display your fashion style.   Also, there’s socializing events, shopping, to fill your closet , jobs, which allow you to advance through promotions and spending all of your hard earned in game cash or brownie points for exclusive beauty items!

Check out FashionPlus3’s customized avatars from Sorority Life pic’s below. And if you going to add this app or are already a Sorority Life Sister, send us a friend request  on Face Book to  grow your sorority house.

Game on ladies!


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