Oh Thank Goodness for the Goddess Bra!

Okay, ladies it’s Dannika here and I have been doing a lot of reading and researching on how to perfect my personal style.  So I was amazed when I discovered that before you can think about your outfit of the day, you should focus on your foundation (undergarments) first.  This is why having a proper Bra is so essential to building your look.   For example, think of a building.   The foundation is built first and must be strong to support it’s frame and structure.  So, your bra and foundation pieces should be strong and supportive for your look and posture. That’s when I came across Goddess Lingerie.


Their collection of bra’s and lingerie in my opinion is wonderfully on point.  They have classic and contemporary styles, while looking comfortable and very supportive.  Also, unlike the Butterfly Bra (which I love but have issues with), these seem comfortable, not like you have massive body armor on! I can’t wait to try one out!

Lace Bustier

The Goddess Lingerie website helps you with find a store within your area or where to buy it online.  They have a wish list section to help you keep up with your faves and send it out to whom ever you like (!or those with a birthday coming up)!  The website also gets bonus points because they give great advice on how to choose one of their bra’s and how important it is to get the right fit.

Check it out:

Here’s a video taken from the website that will completely change your mind about how you wear and choose you next bra(intended only if you don’t already know this info).


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