Viva Fat Vegas Series Part 1: Road Trip!

Hey guys! It’s Mickey here and as you know, Fashion Plus 3 just got back from our world-wind trip to the Viva Fat Vegas blogger conference yesterday, so of course we’re jet lagged (well, bus lagged but I’ll explain that in a minute) from a trip full of fun, food and fashion, with some of the most amazing fatshion bloggers in the blogging community!

Now because we got home literally yesterday, we are a bit behind, so I’ll try to keep the posts short and sweet and we’ll be be posting these as a series! Yay!

Okay, now on to the trip!

Our trip started with a crazy idea to see the country.  We all had been on small road trips before in our lives, but never one that would take 1 day 15 hrs and 15 minutes!  Since we figured this was a once in a lifetime chance to see the country, we hopped on a greyhound and saw the most insane mountain imagery imaginable!  Our trip took us through Iowa and Nebraska (mostly flat land and cornfields that reminded me of Van Gogh paintings) then through Colorado and Utah which had the most beautiful /scary mountains in America!  But what really took the cake was actually driving through them, we just prayed and hoped the bus driver knew what he was doing because in some areas there were very little railings and the roads were winding and weaving through canyons!

Thanks everyone for wishing us a safe trip!

Check it out!

Mountains in Utah

Heading into the Canyons of Utah

More mountains and the baby girl with the pigtails in the forefront was staring everybody down, with out blinking (she was just doing her job)

This mountain (in Utah) had smoke billowing from it, we found out later that it was a fire and it has been burning for two weeks!

Mountains in Colorado

Going through Grand Junction in Colorado

Pit stop with Arby’s Curly Fries.  I love Ketchup, there calling me the Sauce woman now.

Dannika smashing her fries, ha, ha!

Jasmine (a.k.a jazamillion) with a major curly fry!

Stay tuned for our next post of the series VivaFatVegas: Day 1!


5 thoughts on “Viva Fat Vegas Series Part 1: Road Trip!

  1. I’m glad that you guys had fun on your trip. Taking a road trip is far more adventurous than taking a plane. You have the opportunity to take pictures, and absorb the different states better in person than on television :). Did you enjoy the strip? The beautiful lights & the Vegas mountains should have been a interesting site 2 see.

  2. hi auntie and cuzins glad you all made it back safely nice picture yah took. i would have been scared driving through something like that. especially if i saw smoke coming out of a mountain. i would have thought it was a volcano………

  3. That so cool I love roadtrips! Im sure you guys had a great time in Vegas! Cant wait to see more pictures and here your fun and amazing stories! 🙂

    Nice meeting you via Chatzy, too! 🙂 Consider me the newest reader of your awesome site! ❤

    -La Changa ❤

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