Viva Fat Vegas Series Part 3: Day 2 at Voluptuous Boutique!

After becoming full on sorority sisters with the bloggers we headed into day 2 of the Conference!  First, we headed to Voluptuous Boutique, the first Plus size Boutique in Las Vegas!  There we were greeted by the lovely owner Patty and her husband who gave us a run down of their mission, and superb customer service.  It was great hearing that they were working class citizens who made a dream happen for themselves.   Especially a dream that makes all women feel accepted and treated with respect, while receiving excellent hospitality!  In addition, Voluptuous Boutique was hosting the Queens of the Desert Model search in which Rosie Mercado (MUA, face of Full Figured Fashion Week and Size Acceptance Advocate) would be a judge of.  We couldn’t wait to meet her!

Because this was such an amazing experience and we have a million awesome photos, we are breaking up this day into two!  We hope you love them!

Check it out:

Everything in the store was designed by the owner Patty, she hand painted the shoes on the mannequin!

Cid trying on some tops!

I loved this top!  But it eventually went home with Cid!

Jasmine added this cool zippered top to her Swag bag!  Thanks Voluptuous!

Sarah and an amazing silver dress!

This top joined Dannika’s Swag bag!

Work it @jazamillion!

I decided on this sweater, Stiletto said I looked very Jackie-O!  Look out for an OOTD in this one!


DSC_0191 DSC_0247

This dress was very popular amongst everyone, animal prints are definitely back!


Stiletto Siren in one of the beautiful vintage chairs!

Stiletto and Allison

Fashion Plus 3

After trying on fabulous clothes with price points so low you would think it’s too good to be true (everything was under 30 dollars!), in walks the beautiful Rosie Mercado, one of the judges of the Queens of the Desert Model Search!  Everyone’s jaws just dropped because she is seriously gorgeous!

Fashion Plus 3 and Rosie Mercado

DSC_0234 DSC_0245DSC_0249

Rosie and the Ladies of Viva Fat Vegas and the Rosie Mobile (which was really roomy and cool)!

Holly Martin (I told her I would not forget her name)!  She makes head pieces, like the one she is wearing, I can’t wait to see her collection!

On the wall of fame at Voluptuous Boutique with owner Patty.

After the Queen of the Desert model search, we headed to grab some food at the Buffalo and Wings Restaurant just a couple of stores away!

DSC_0258 DSC_0257 DSC_0253 DSC_0252

Another wonderful spread!

I ordered a salad and Sarah asks me if I’m a fat girl!   Hilarious!

The ladies of Viva Fat Vegas!

Stayed tuned for our next post which is our fabulous night (second part of Day 2) with Sarah from Sealed With A Kiss (S.W.A.K) Designs!


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