Winter Treats

Hey Ladies. Jasmine here and besides hot chocolate, here’s a few thing that I fell in love with this winter ranging from clothes to food. These are things I cuddle up to during the the frigid winter months. Who said you couldn’t cuddle up to fashion, food, and your dog?

  1. Fiji Water
  2. Plush Cotton Blend Coat w/belt
  3. Chocolate Lava Cake
  4. Erin Black Perforated Bootie
  5. Steve Madden CARYSSAG Pump
  6. ASOS CURVE Premium Large Rose Satin Dress
  7. My Puppy Coco (not for sale)

The Daily Find- Asos Curve

Hey guys, it’s Monday and today’s amazing pieces come from the one and only Asos.  Yes, yes, if you have ordered from them recently you might have extremely sour feelings about the company, due to their horrible shipping, but you can’t deny that the pieces they have are some of the best plus size garments available at a reasonable price.  The Asos Curve range pleases me every time in fit, fabric, and overall style that I tend to deal with the horrible shipping just to get the clothes!  Check out some of their new pieces:

ASOS CURVE Chiffon Kaftan Dress

ASOS CURVE Chiffon Kaftan Dress $68.96

ASOS CURVE Rainbow Bandeau Hitch Dress

ASOS CURVE Rainbow Bandeau Hitch Dress $77.58

ASOS CURVE One Shoulder Jersey Drape Dress

ASOS CURVE One Shoulder Jersey Drape Dress$68.96

ASOS CURVE Cape Back Shift Dress

ASOS CURVE Cape Back Shift Dress$60.34

ASOS CURVE Waterfall Sleeve Waisted Top

ASOS CURVE Waterfall Sleeve Waisted Top$43.10

If these pieces don’t make you feel like rushing Spring in you must live in a warm climate, because here in Chicago it’s cold/snowing and looking at these clothes make me picture warmer days, blossoming flowers and renewal!

However, considering the shipping problems over at Asos would you still purchase these pieces even if you like them?  Is good service more important than good clothes?  Sound off in the comments below!

We’re Back! Plus the Fab 3’s Favorite Moments of 2010!

Hey guys! We have missed you so much over our very lengthy absence, but we’re happy to say we’re back for a new year of more fabulosity!  We hope that every one had a fun and safe New Year and that everyone entered on a positive note!  We can’t believe it’s 2011 already as 2010 was an amazing year for us!  We traveled the country in ways we never thought we would, we switched (internet) addresses and went to our first blogger conference! Whew, it was a world-wind experience for us, so we’re glad we can take you back though our favorite moments of 2010!

1. Moving to

Some people may not know this, but Fashion Plus 3 had a different home before we became a “”   We were on Word Press and our banner looked like this:


We loved our first blog, but we new that we needed more control creatively, so we moved here and we’ve never been happier with that decision.  But from time to time we do visit the past and check out where we started, because you have to remember where you started to know where your going for the future!

2. Shooting our Spring Look Book for 2010

mickey 3jasmine 2dannika 2

Shooting this look book was both fun and hard at the same time but we we’re excited that we got a chance to show our personal style, what trends we thought would be hot for spring and we got to get uber glamorous for the shoot!  This look book is the first of many we hope to shoot in the future!

3.  VIP at Kimmi Illuminati’s Book Signing

We introduced you guys to up and coming author Kimmi Illuminati’s first book “Dangerously In Love” and attended her book signing where she gave the fab 3 VIP treatment!  We sipped Nuvo and munched on mini Cheesecakes and danced the night away!

4. Viva Fat Vegas! Sinning in Style Conference 2010!

This conference was just as amazing as one would suspect!  Created by Stiletto Siren of Lips Hips and Fatshion Tips and Sarah of Return To Sender: A Fat Girls Letters to the World they hosted a 3 day conference that was chock full of fabulous fashion, bloggers, a model search, food and much more!  We met such amazing people and had such an amazing time that we wrote about it for at least an entire month!

We can honestly say that we loved everything about this conference!  And we made some incredible friends in the process!  We hope that it will be continued this year and that we can attend and see all our friends plus many more bloggers!

5. Full Figured Fashion Week(end) in Los Angeles

After coming back from our first amazing conference we literally had to start planning to attend Full Figured Fashion Week in L.A!  This was like fashion heaven.  We met celebrities, attended our first fashion show, had a reunion with some of our friends from Vegas and met other inspiring bloggers, models, and fans.  At times we were completely over whelmed with joy from seeing the support of Fashion for Plus women, but we were so glad to be apart of it and bring back information for our readers. 

This event let us know that people do care and are actively working to make sure big girl’s have a life and will live it fashionably!  We can’t wait for FFF Week in New York  this June!

6.  Road Trips!

For both Viva Fat Vegas and FFF Week in L.A we hit the road, literally!  People told us we were crazy and inside we knew we were too!  But our love for fashion and adventure surpassed that so we hit the road.  We traveled through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada twice and Southern California once.  We argued, we got lost, we had fun, we listened to music for hours, we almost got into accidents and we saw scenery that most people may never see in their lives!  And we made it, twice!  That alone makes this one the best experiences we had in all!

Whew! It was a fun year and we hope to do it even bigger for 2011!

We want to give a special thanks to our Sponsors, our Mom and Aunt, Deborah Shambee, who helped us through the mountains and back, Stiletto Siren and Sarah for inviting us to Viva Fat Vegas and all the fashion bloggers who made it fun and  left a stamp in our hearts: Allison, Cid, Monique, Beth, Tina and Gabby!

Also all the fabulous bloggers, designers, models and everyone that made FFF Week (end) in L.A. Amazing!

And to Fashion Plus 3 Readers!