We Love Colors Tights Review

Hey guys! I just wanted to make an update.  The color of the tights I’m wearing is Turquiose not Teal as I mention in the video and here are the links to the tights so you can get an awesome pair of your own:


Also make sure to check out there facebook page and like them because  every month they have a contest called Curvy Girl of the Month and the winner will receive 3 pairs of tights free! Check out the details on their  facebook fan page especially for Curvy Girls called “We Love Colors Curvy“:



4 thoughts on “We Love Colors Tights Review

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  3. I loved your video. Thank you for the twit follow. I followed you back so I can keep track with your website. Always nice to meet other fashionable curvy ladies doing their thing. Have a great weekend les filles!

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