Happy Blogaversary!

*Note: This post was originally posted on May 5, 2011 before our climatic server problems*

Hey guys, long time no see!  Yes we have been bad bloggers lately, and we know we suck, lol, but as life always does, it gets in the way, meaning that we are sometimes stricken with abandoning the blog, but we’re back  and we’ll always come back because we love our readers and we love what we do!

So without further adieu,

Today is our Blogaversary!   Yay!

It has been an entire year here at Fashionplus3.com and it couldn’t have been a more exciting one, starting with seeing one of our tweets live on MTV during Whitney Ports “The City” Finale, to going to the Viva Fat Vegas Conference in Las Vegas and FFF Week (end) in L.A.   Blogging about Plus Size Fashion has literally become a world wind adventure as we have met amazing women from amazing places and literally seen a change in the production and styling of plus size clothes as well as watch perspectives about plus life change in our society.

No longer is the time where we can say no one caters to us.  No longer can we say we are invisible.  No  longer can we say we are not being heard.

We have seen first hand, women who want to live their lives fabulously and actively do just that and we couldn’t be more proud, because that was our biggest goal when we first started our blog.  To convince women that they are worthy of fashion, beauty, life and everything they so desire.  That is what this blogaversary represents to us, a year of empowering Plus Size women.

Thus we plan to continue bringing fabulous fashion and more as we have big plans for the future!