Getting back in the Swing of Things, Twitter and a Survey!

Hey guys, long time no see!  The ladies here on FP3 have been so busy lately, that we haven’t been able to post!  We have all started going back to school and our course loads are rigorous. In addition to that, someone tried to hack into our site, leaving malicious code in our comment system, which made Google ban our site for a couple of weeks.  Couple that together and you get a tumble weed flying across our blog, lol.  Well, after getting rid of all the bad code and restoring our site with Google, getting new computers (woohoo), and catching up on a lot of homework, we are finally ready to get back in the swing of things and blog.

However, after taking a good look at the blog, we have decided that we want to make some changes as far as the direction for the future and we need your help.  We want to bring fresh, new content to you that you want to read so we want you guys to please answer this poll we’ve put together.  It’s quite simple and it will help us tremendously!  Thanks in advance.

Also, on Twitter we are getting really close to 1000 followers!  Currently we have 963 followers and we have decided that when we reach the 1000 follower mark, we will do a huge giveaway as appreciation for helping us get there!

So, please answer the poll and follow us on twitter at @fashionplus3 and look forward to new posts this week!

Side note:

Check out this magazine cover I had to do in my Desktop Publishing Class!  This is a picture I took of Jazamillion for our Twilight photo shoot last year.  This would be a really cool magazine huh?

-Micaela of FP3


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