Yay or Nay: Kelly Rowland Album Release Party

So, Kelly Rowland just released her new album “Here I Am” and of course Michelle and Beyonce’ attended the release party.  However, Kelly was still the star of the party with her daring choice of wardrobe.  Though Kelly wasn’t the only one stylin’ and profilin’ at the release, her black, edgy cutout dress was definitely an attention grabber!  Adding the silver pumps and piercing blue eyeliner on her bottom eyelid as a pop of color was the perfect finishing touch for a perfect ensemble.  Tika Sumpter also worked the carpet with her bright pink get up.

But with fashion do’s there must be fashion don’ts.  Now, I don’t hate Michelle’s dress, but I think her choice of dress was pretty much plane jane-ish.  It seems she tried to glam up the look with the “red bottom” Louboutin pumps, but they just weren’t enough. Not for me at least. What do you guys say?



Haven’t heard the album yet?

Click here to hear the whole album!

Agree with my Yay or Nay?

Sound off below!







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