Happy New Year! And 5 Style Resolutions for 2012

Happy New Year guys, it’s Mickey here and it’s approximately 5 minutes until the new year as I write this, but since I had a very modest New Years Eve (i.e. sipping Martinis and watching an Usher concert), I have decided to spend the last moments of 2011 with FP3’s readers. For all those who do read this post, we would like to thank you for your support of our blog. From day one it has been an exciting adventure and we plan to continue that adventure in 2012. 2011 was a tumultuous year for us, and it tested us in ways we did not expect. From my youngest sister’s increasingly severe seizures, to returning to school to receive my bachelors in English (I’m officially a Senior, Woot Woot!), to being offline line the last couple of days, FP3 posts and appearances were few and far between. However, this will not be the case in 2012, as we will be coming back with more posts, and videos in the near future!  So, let’s kick start the new year with my style resolutions!

If you guys follow me on Facebook (72 page paper ring any bells?) you know that I had a grueling fall semester, and thus, I was a bum everyday because of it (I have holes in my kitson hoodie to prove it). So, I have decided to create some style resolutions for myself to force me out of this self imposed style rut! Feel free to join me or share your style resolutions here.

1. Wear fabulous shoes at least once a week.


I may save this one for weekends, because the CSU campus grounds can be grueling on the toes, but I loves shoes! However, I wear a size 11 and it’s usually hard to find ones like these Sam Edelman beauties in my size, but I will find alternatives and post them for you all to see!

2. Wear my favorite red lipstick more often

I absolutely love this red lipstick in Ruby from Revlon…I believe that it is my own personal perfect red. So, I am officially going to wear it more often.

3. Embrace my natural hair and find my signature style

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I was transitioning my relaxed hair to natural  for about 11 months back in August. But in December, after 15 months of transitioning, I decided to Big Chop the last of my relaxed ends!  However, I never really experimented with my hair, so I’ve been keeping it in protective hairstyles for the longest. (I still love weaves as protective styles). Well, I vow to experiment with my hair, and come up with a signature style so I can wear my curls more often.

4. More nail art and acessories

I have a fear of “overkill” with accessories.  I usually go by Coco Chanel’s mantra, which is to take off the last thing you put on, but that usually just leaves me with a pair of earrings.  I also tend to follow this same mantra on my nails.  I think I wore nude nail polish all year.  So in my effort to liven up, I pledge to wear more accessories and delve into nail art!  Look out for DIY nail projects in the future.

5. Lastly, expand my shopping horizons

I’m ready to start buying outside of the box. Normally, I’d stalk Asos Curve and Forever 21+ because of their chic and cheap designs, but as I grow older, I am finding myself prone to checking out unconventional ways of finding gems for my wardrobe. Places like Etsy, ebay, amazon, thrift stores, indie designers , contemporary designers and high end designers like those beautiful designs from Elena Miro above. Move over Asos and Forever 21+! Here’s to a new fashion front for my wardrobe!

I hope these style resolutions inspire you to be your most stylish in the new year!

So, how did you ring in the New Year?




Peak of the Summer Must Haves!

Hey guys, last week I did a guest post on my good friend Stiletto Siren’s blog “Lips Hips and Fatshion Tips” and you know I couldn’t leave our readers out of the loop, so here is my guest post on FP3! Make sure you check out my girl Stiletto’s website here, she always does the most fabulous OOTD’s!

Hey Lips Hips and Fatshion Tips readers, it’s Micaela here from Fashion Plus 3 subbing in for the beautiful and talented Stiletto Siren as she jet sets on vacay with her beautiful family during this blazing summer!  Speaking of the summer, we have officially hit the peak of it and after many days of sweating uncontrollably (it’s been hotttt in Chicago), I finally know what  keeps me cool, calm and fabulous! So here are my tried and true must haves for the peak of the summer!

1. A Maxi Dress

What’s the one clothing item that can keep you cool, comfy and fabulous all day, no matter what? A Maxi dress of course! During the day I throw on sandals or wedges and throw my hair in a ponytail and I’m instantly day time chic.  Then, if I want to be glam for night time soiree’s  all I have to do is throw on statement earrings, fabulous heels and let my hair down and bam, I’m ready to party!  Maxi dresses are easy breezy and super stylish, my summer would seriously suck without one!

My fave

Forever 21 + Halter Maxi Dress

2. Waterproof Mascara/Liner

I love makeup, but let’s be real, makeup and summer don’t really mix.  So finding makeup that can combat the heat and still give me a fierce cat eye makes me super happy.  Water proof eyeliner and mascara is with me at all times!  The beauty of it is that I can wear it to work, then to the beach (get wet and everything), go out and come home and it’s still in the same place I put it that morning.  Yeah, it’s that good.  If you don’t know, now you do!

My Faves

Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

L’oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black (Waterproof formula)

3.  Pambras Braliner

Sometimes undergarments are terribly uncomfortably.  Couple that with summer sweat and summer just turned into a bummer!  Beat that heat with a Pambras Braliner for cool, non sweaty boobs.  Seriously, I’m wearing one right now!

My fave

Pambra’s Bra Liner in White, Black and Nude (Link: http://www.fashionplus3.com/2011/07/10/no-more-sweaty-boobs-pambras-bra-liner-review-and-giveaway/)

P.S. Were giving away all three colors on the blog, click on the link to get some free!

4. A Sexy Swimsuit

No longer are the days when the only option for a sexy plus size  swim suit was a T-shirt!  We now have haute swimsuits that you can find anywhere, like at Torrid,  Monif. C or Swim Suits for All to name a few.  We have no excuse to where a t-shirt any more ladies!  Nothing looks better than wearing your curves confidently in a sexy swimsuit!  Now strut your stuff straight to the beach!

My fave:

"Monaco" Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit - Yellow

Monif C.-“Monaco” Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit – Yellow

5. Shorts!

Yes ladies, I said shorts.  Now, I know of lot of ladies aren’t comfortable showing their legs, but I find that I’m even more uncomfortable not showing them!  Wearing jeans can be so uncomfortable.  My legs like to breathe and they breathe best in shorts.  Cut at the right length, they can transform your wardrobe, making it fresh and summer appropriate.  You don’t want to be the girl standing out in 90 degree heat with jeans on! Give your legs some air girl, you’ll thank me later!

My fave:

Forever 21 +Linen-Blend Drawstring Shorts

Bonus Picks: A floppy hat and Sunglasses!

Sunburns are not cute honey!  I got one when I was younger from being in an outdoor pool all day without a stitch of SPF on.  My Mom didn’t think that I needed it because I’m African American, but ladies, no matter your heritage wear sunscreen!  It is good for your skin!  And also wear a floppy hat and sunglasses.  It’s better to be protected than not because no one is excluded from skin cancer, or sun burns.  Be proactive in your skin care and you’ll have great skin for many summers to come!

My fav:

Floppy hat and Sunglasses-Gifted from my Mom for b-day (She gets it now yall)

This hat was also under a dollar at a thrift store!

I hope my list of must haves was helpful!  If your still sweltering through the summer hopefully my list can help you through the rest of the hot days that I am sure will come!



So what peak of the summer must haves do you use to keep cool?

Beauty Q’s and A’s: At Home Protein Treatment

Jasmine here, and I’ve recently tried to think of ways to save money as far as my hair goes. I’ve tested many home remedies for my hair and one that I fell in love with was the egg protein treatment. With ingredients that are most likely in your home, you can whip up a cheap alternative to pricey salon protein treatments. After using this concoction, I was left with noticeably softer, shinier hair. Now this procedure may not rock everyone’s boat (some people’s hair doesn’t like protein) but it worked for me. Try it out and give me your feed back.




  • 1-2 eggs (depending on how much hair you have)
  • 1-2 tbs of oil (olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoanut oil, almond oil, just to name a few)
  • moisturizing shampoo and conditioner ( I usually just co-wash my hair meaning I wash with conditioner only)
  • small bowl
  • fork
  • plastic cap

First mix the egg the egg and the oil in a small bowl using the fork. Make sure it’s well combined. Then carefully put mixture in your hair (eggs can be messy). After your hair is fully saturated, put on the plastic cap and do something constructive for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes shampoo and condition hair using moisturizing products because you need a balance of protein and moisture for strong healthy hair. Style as desired.

Already used a protein treatment?  How did it work for you? Sound off in the comment section below!

Secrets To Soft Healthy Hair

Hi guys, it’s Jasmine here (your personal hair guru), telling  all the hair secrets… Well,okay, this one is not really a secret because everyone knows that conditioning is a vital step in hair care, but some people don’t realize that a  few extra steps  are needed.  Trust me, with this hair secret you’ll never go back to just using conditioner after shampooing (hint, hint)!

Check it out:

First, before you even hit the water,  start by saturating your hair with a deep conditioner.  Tui Hair Smoothie by Carol’s Daughter is a good one to try (It leaves your hair super soft). Next, place a shower cap on your head and leave it on for thirty minutes or more.  I like to do this step and go on about my day doing laundry or whenever I don’t need to go somewhere (you will get stares from people if you venture outside in the show cap, I guarantee it).

Then your going to want to shampoo all that gunk out of your hair and condition again. I recommend Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner because it helps repair damaged hair without weighing your hair down and it works wonders for my hair.

After that, you want to finish with a leave in conditioner. I like to use Fructis Leave In Cream Conditioner because its light but it still conditions your hair.

So, I find that conditioning before, during, and after my wash gave my hair a soft lush feel and it still had movement.

Give it a try. There’s nothing to lose but dry hair 🙂

Viva Fat Vegas: Sinnin’ in Style Blogger Conference

Hey guys! We have some exciting news to share with you all! Fashion Plus 3 has been invited to our first blogger conference called the “Viva Fat Vegas: Sinning in Style Fashion Blogger Conference” in Las Vegas!   We are so excited as it is a blogger’s dream trip!  Check out the details:

The fabulous Stiletto Siren of the blog “Lips Hips and Fashion Tips” and Sarah (Tabayag) of “Return to Sender: A Fat Girl’s Letter to the World” have joined forces and are heading to Las Vegas for the first ever, Fatshion Blogger Conference in Vegas with an exciting group of bloggers who are:

Allison of CurvyGirlChic

Cid of Cid’s Style File

Monique of CurvesandChaos

Gabby of Gabby She Wrote

Tina of Fully Chic

Micaela, Dannika and Jasmine of Fashion Plus 3 ( That’s Us!)

Beth of Pretty In Plus

These are the events and details that will take place during the fabulous weekend:

Upon arrival (Sept. 17- Friday), Figuresque (one of the amazing sponsors of VivaFatVegas) is sponsoring a night cocktail party at The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill.  Which is just down the strip from our host hotel, The Riviera!

The Riviera- Las Vegas

Next (Sept 18-Saturday), we will attend theQueens of the Desert Model Search in which we will be participating in a special way!  Check it out:

“MoxieManagment, LLC, the premier billingual PR/Marketing agency is on the prowl for the 2010 Queens Of The Desert Model Search. Moxie is looking to crown one voluptuous vixen to relize and live her dream of becoming a model. Celebrating curvy girls everywhere, MoxieManagement, LLC along with Voluptuous Fashion Boutique (the first plus size Boutique in sin city) will be hosting a one day model search in Las Vegas, and we, the ladies of the Viva Fat Vegas Sinnin In Style Bloggers Conference ,will be in attendance and particpating in a special way!”

In addition, that night we will be spending time with Sarah from Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK) Designs!

The next day (September 19th- Sunday) we will be having a special Luncheon with Rosie Mercado, the face of Full Figured Fashion Week in June 2010!

With such an amazing group of bloggers and events, I only expect this trip to be one of the most exciting events of our lives!

Stayed tuned for more info as we are getting new details everyday!  Also stay tuned for a way that you can help Fashion Plus 3 make the most of this experience and have a piece of our success!

Fall Makeup Must Haves

Continuing with our Fall series, we get you makeup ready for Fall!

Check it out:

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($44.00)

With his new palette by Urban Decay, which has every perfect shade of neutral  under the sun, you can create everything from a smokey bronze eye, to a neutral but smoldering Kim Kardashian-esque look.  But be warned, Urban Decay products are highly coveted, so you’ll be waiting in a long line to get this palette.  But, as with all Urban Decay makeup, the wait is worth it!

2. Nars Eyeshadow in Daphne ($23.00)

What fall makeup look would be complete without a purple smokey eye?  A classic look for fall that always comes back is deep purple lids!  Go for a deep wash of this color over lids for a nice pop of color, or blend it with darker shadows to get that masterful fall eye!

3. Smashbox O-Gloss in Noir ($22.00)

If you’ve never experienced the magic of Smashbox’s O-Gloss and O-Glow (for cheeks) then you should give this product a try!  All of their “O” products are infused with vitamins and minerals as well as Goji-Berry C complex, which is a berry that transforms the clear gloss into the perfect shade pink for your skin tone!  Now, adding pomegranate seeds and ginkgo biloba, you can now get the perfect shade of plum, which is excellent for fall.

4. Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick ($19.00)

To pull off the classic red lip, you need to have a lipstick with good pigment and intense moisture.  That is what you get with Makeup Forever’s new Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick which comes in three finishes, matte, satin and pearly for a massive range of looks for Fall.   Also, if you buy their lipstick they will donate $1 for every tube purchased to the Beauty Bus foundation.  This foundation gives in-home beauty treatments to chronically and terminally ill patients and their caregivers.  You can find out more about their foundation at www.beautybus.org (Info from Sephora.com)

5. Dior Extase Mascara Set- ($30.00)

A set that pretty much speaks for itself, Dior gives you an Extase mascara,  with an amazing brush that thickens and extends your lashes, as well as a mini iconic and blackout.  If you’ve never tried these mascaras, this is the perfect set to get you started, because once you use them, you will be hooked!

6.  Smashbox- Beauty in a Box: Walk the Line- ($34.00)

Smashbox makes my list again, because first, I love them and second, they make  effortless products.  Case in point:  This Beauty in a Box (brought to us by Sephora) in Walk the Line.  It is basically a box that has everything you need to make that classic, smoldering smokey eye that gives you the wow factor at parties!  It comes with their “glides on perfectly” eyeliner in Onyx, cream liner in caviar and Jet set water proof mascara in Midnight black.  You can’t go wrong with this set!

7. Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick in Fuschia Pink- ($30.00)

Why a fuchsia lipstick for fall?  Because it is a totally unexpected pop of color in a fall color range.  It will give your mouth the feeling of luxury (because it is YSL of course!) and pizazz!  Try it!

8. Sephora Palette Endless Color Blockbuster: ($48.00)

This palette makes the cut for two reasons. 1. It gives you the most bang for your buck. 2.  It is a makeup mavens dream!  Create any look you can imagine with this palette that is chock full of eye shadows, cream liners, lip-glosses and check colors coming in at 187 products!  In addition, it’s on $48.00.  This palette will take you through Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Neutral Makeup Series: (Neutral Eyes)

Hey guys!  Long time no see!   If you’ve been following us on Twitter, then you know that the past two weeks have been trying times for Fashionplus 3.  First we had a death in our family (our beloved Uncle Michael, may you rest in peace).  Then, the week after, we had a computer crash that meant countless hours of downloading and uploading information that we lost.  That meant that it set us back a bit, but we’re coming back with a vengeance! Lol!

If you want the heads up on what’s to come for the week, please subscribe to our newsletter!  All insider information will be shared there, so don’t miss out on exclusive content and events, subscribe today!

Now, first up is Jasmine’s Neutral Eye Makeup video, from our You-tube Channel Fashionplus3TV!  Check it out, we’ll have many more videos posted there in the future!