Tormented Love (BOP) By Micaela Shambee

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Tormented Love

By: Micaela Shambee

I have lived like a butterfly to a flame.

Burning myself, disgusted again, so much, too tired…Fucked.

I’ve been the betta sucka.

Becoming your rancor, gutting out my love ‘till my bile bleeds, dripping

Rustic to the ground like decaying autumn leaves.

Is this what you like?

Since I’ve been loving you, I’m about to lose my worried mind.

Every, every, every time, another lonely Friday night,

‘til you said to me, “Coffee?  Or a mouthwatering tangled tango of toffee cream?”

It must’ve been the burning candles; you know how I love the flames;

It must’ve been your cologne’s notes of sandalwood; or just loneliness…

I laughed, said yes, let you, some stranger, kiss, and kiss my pulsing lips.

Spilled coffee grounds, bent over some barista’s kitchen counter crazing your cocky, jockey,

Suaveness, falling deeper into hellish bliss.

‘Til I kissed her

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Hello Dolls,

You may have noticed that Fashion Plus 3 has a new home, well it is actually our old home, where we began two years ago at, If you’re also wondering why we’re back here and not at our usual address. Well, this is because FP3 will be taking an indefinite hiatus. We have mulled this decision over for  some time now and it is clear that it is necessary. All of our lives are moving in different directions now, and it would be hard to continue blogging as a unit, so we have made the conscious decision for the blog to move to its old home, where fans can still have access previous content if they wish. However, no new content will be posted in the near future.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us, read our blog, or people we have met through this amazing experience. It has changed our lives forever. It has pushed us out of our comfort zones and challenged us to make a difference in a world that just wants people to conform, than be individuals. We hope that anyone who has read a blog post, received advice for plus size style  or fashion does not see this blog ending in vain. The fact that we were able to make a connection to you, is what drove us to blog for two years.

Thank you all for your support.

– Fashion Plus 3