The Girls Behind the Blog


Fashion Plus 3 was created to prove to the world that plus size women have lives and we live them fashionably.  As harsher media has sometimes described the plus woman as a “headless fatty,” many people believe that plus women simply eat and watch TV all day.  Well, that image couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Plus women are beautiful, working citizens that enhance life as we know it.  Just look around.  A plus woman may be your mother, your best friend, your sister, your wife,  a fashion designer, a teacher, a chef, a blogger,or high level executive; this list can go on and on.   So why are we viewed as second class citizens and sometimes non-existent in the media (mainly in United States). Why do we experience so much discrimination? In fact, we seem to get the most backlash in fashion. The fashion world seems to be a place where the plus woman is not only barely existent but is rejected time and time again.  Where are the plus fashion lines at New York fashion week?   Where are plus models and plus actresses gracing the cover of Vogue?  Where are the high fashion plus designers?  Fashion is something that practically defines a human.  What we wear represents where we are from, sometimes what we do and what we like.  If we are excluded from publicly defining ourselves (with a lack of options, nonetheless) then how can the world see beyond the “headless fatties” stigma placed on plus women?   Thus, armed with these questions, the truth about what we are, and style, Fashion Plus 3 was born.

Fashion Plus 3 is a fashion and lifestyle blog that showcases the best about being a plus size woman, with style.

Editor in Chief/Founder- Micaela Shambee

"The Creative One"

Micaela (also known as “Mickey”) is a 24 year Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in English.  Now considered a fashionista amongst friends, being fashionable was not always the case for her.  When she was younger, finding clothes that truly represented her style was slim, and slim she was not, being a plus girl since 5th grade.  Always being bigger (now a proud size 22-24) and taller than most (5 ’11) Micaela would go on to have difficulty not only with style, but with tailoring and even finding jeans that were long enough for her frame.  However, after seeing a friend in college who was plus and fly all the time, Micaela decided that she could do it too.  Already having a knack for Makeup, she started to scour for more plus fashion options, knowing Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart inside and out.  Now she has discovered numerous stores, found out tips and tricks to dress well, and puts the artist, in makeup artist.  Micaela’s next venture is to bring all that style to the blog and to the Modeling world as a plus model.  You can e-mail her at

Blog Contributor- Dannika Shambee

"The Gamer"

Dannika Shambee is a 26 year old Computer Consultant with a degree in Computer Information Systems.  Now known as the “ultimate girl gamer” Dannika proves that being big, and beautiful with brains is an  ideal combination.  However, like her younger sister Mickey,  fashion was always a problem.  Average height and a size 18-20 made finding fashion a chore and thus Dannika turned to baggy pants, big t-shirts and a ponytail.  This was Dannika’s uniform for years until looking into modeling.  With a fierce walk and natural photogenic beauty, Dannika found  style while staying true to her computer and gaming roots.  She  discovered fashion in online games and fashion websites and she wants to spread her passion for all things gaming and computers to the world. You can e-mail her at

Blog Contributor- Jasmine Jefferson

"The Cook"

Jasmine Jefferson is a 19 year old Culinary student at the Washburne Culinary Institute in Chicago.  A cook with a style as delicious as her dishes, Jasmine’s style is bold and colorful.  Yet having the same problem as her two cousins when it came to fashion, sort of set the bond between the three of them.  Jasmine had problems finding jeans that were short enough (being a petite and 5’2) as well as clothes that could fit her frame at a size 16-18.  But this has never stopped Jazz from being a fashionista.  She can whip your hair into any style (she is the main hair stylist for all of us, including herself) and she is self-taught!  And under Micaela’s wing, has become an incredible makeup artist! Jasmine is the full package, and she is ready to share her passion for cooking and beauty with the world!  You can e-mail her at


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